Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome Note =)

Hello everyone!

Thank you for dropping by.
I assume you girls are interested to start your own business?

Well, Cheap.Pretty.Things is offering you various programs even if u have ZERO modal to start with!

How does it work? Let me tell you in simplest way :)

Program A : Reseller (in other words, ambil untung atas angin.hee)

You advertise my products, collect orders from customers and I will post the items to them.
Simple as that~

Program B : Wholesale / bulk / borong.

U can buy any products at much much lower price, but u need to fulfill the minimum order qty.
And the rest - how to sell, how to promote, sale etc, is up to YOU!

Yippie! I will explain all details one by one, okay?
So see you soon!


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